& Guillaume
    • 📅10.11.2016

    This original photography project, designed by artists Cécile & Guillaume, “ON-OFF, living places” asks residents and passers-by to (re)discover emblematic sites of the city of Clamart in the form of photographic diptychs that display the same space in both activity and rest.

    For each diptych exhibited, the first image has been captured during opening hours, while the second has been has been captured, from the same point of view, after closing time. In this way, we are shown a given site’s “biological rhythms”, its waking phase in contrast with its somnolent one. Given extra dimension with added sound and accessible by QR code, these photo diptychs invite viewers to immerse themselves in a reality that the artists have reinvented in the very heart of the public space.


    Place Maurice Gunsbourg, Clamart and itinerant

    “On / Off” Cécile & Guillaume