The Ludograph


    The City of Clamart is currently represented by a coat of arms, partially reproduced in its logo. Through recourse to the Ludograph tool, this workshop encourages students to interrogate the relationship between “sign” and “representation”. 

    How do they perceive this coat of arms ? How do they interpret it as a sign ? Do they know of it ? Do they understand it ? How might they reinterpret it ? By working on the coat of arms, the artist invites students to seek out what “generates identity” in their city. The Ludograph, a pedagogical kit designed by the National Centre of Plastic Arts (CNAP), is composed of a booklet—a resource intended for educators—and of a set of manipulable objects of various colours, shapes, and materials. 

    🌝For whom ?

    Students in the first year of elementary school (CP) and beyond. 


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