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    In 2020, the Chanot Contemporary Art Centre celebrated its 40th birthday ! For the occasion, the graphic designer Thibaut Robin was invited to lead typography workshops and introduce the creation of Clamatica, the 100% Clamartois font !

    Typography was born at the same time as printing around 1440 from a need to compose texts, print books more quickly, and expand their circulation. Letterforms, until that point hand-drawn, would be redesigned, codified in accordance with the requirements of character sets cast in lead. Ever since, letters have continued to undergo transformation and refinement by successions of notable printers. In the digital age, old-fashioned lead typefaces have become progressively digitized, as publishing has undergone a total shift to computer interfaces. 

    Thibaut Robin led the introduction to character and sign design exercises necessary for the typographical production of the Clamatica font, available in regular and italic. 

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