The CACC markerspace

The CACC Makerspace is the annual artistic awareness programme dedicated to children in preschool and elementary school ; it is based on a principle of collaboration with the Art Centre’s artist in residence. The CACC encourages students to meet the artist, to share their perspective on the world, and to elaborate a collective work together over the course of eight hours of in-school workshops. By privileging artistic experimentation, this programme allows young people to explore the variety of pathways associated with exhibition work.
The CACC Makerspace, organized around a different artist each year, combines pedagogical workshops and the Centre’s main programming. The workshops can take place during a given exhibition, leading up to it, or following it. Exhibition visits and artist meet-and-greets supplement the practical workshops.
For the 2021–2022 season, Tony Regazzoni is the central artist of the programme.

Three associate artists are invited to conduct the classroom workshops. 

🌝For who ?

Open to schools, from kindergarten onwards.

  • on booking
  • 8h of classroom workshop + 2 guided tour of 1h in the CACC
  • 2h of preparation by the artist
  • materials and school transport provided by the schools
More information

For further information, please contact :


Programmes offered by the City of Clamart in partnership with the National Education Ministry.

  • free (schools from Clamart)
  • 750 €/class
  • The workshops take place between November 2021 and 22 April 2022
  • 5 July 2022 : launch of pre-registration for the 2022/2023 school year