Sublimated Landscapes

    • 📅11.06.2016
    • 🕜15h00 - 21h00

    The CACC’s Arty Saturdays feature events and workshops with artists for all audiences. 

    In connection with the exhibition Sublimated Landscapes, the Clamart multimedia library network is offering a selection of books (of literature, poetry, on the art of gardening and gardening techniques) available to the public in our open-air library. For the 8–12 years old, the visual artist Emmanuelle Ducrocq will offer a workshop on the theme of landscape. 

    On this occasion, the composer Guilhem Lacroux will perform a live concert of the soundtrack he composed for the artist Ludovic Sauvage’s video Deux Déserts (Two Deserts) presented in the collective exhibition.


    Emmanuelle Ducrocq andGuilhem Lacroux

    Sublimated Landscapes


    Living the Herbarium

    Marie Denis
    Biography of Emmanuelle Ducrocq

    Emmanuelle Ducrocq’s main theme is “the site” (interior or exterior, urban, rural, and natural), which she regards as a partner with whom she interacts, but also a setting for creation where the work will appear. Revealing it, inhabiting it or mending it are the major axes of her projects. The site’s inhabitant (like its customer or passer-by) is at times a key trigger of the process as they know their territory and reveal it to us. Emmanuelle Ducrocq’s contact and link with this other partner is essential for the elaboration of the work.

    Biography of Guilhem Lacroux 

    Whether he plays the guitar, lap steel, archlute to compose his vocal, intrumental or electroacoustic music, Guilhem Lacroux delivers instinctive music with an embodied mystique that ranges from intimate lightness to universal gravity. He has developed his work around the motif and the melody as an impetus for changes in temporal perception.

    He studied composition with Denis Dufour at the CNR in Lyon, and with Robert Pascal and Jean-Louis Florentz at the CNSM in Lyon. He regularly composes for Calliope, Voix de femmes – dir. Régine Théodoresco. He is a founding member of the novia and plays in Toad, la Baracande, Faune and Tanz Mein Herz. He released his first solo record on Standard in-fi