Nuit Blanche

    with another voice
    • 📅01.10.2022
    • 🕜18h-22h

    On the occasion of Nuit Blanche, and in connection with the exhibition à partir de là which it curates, the collective à autre voix will offer visitors to the CACC an evening of performances.

    Program : 

    6:20 pm – CHRISTOPHE TABET : The artist tells a story about Lebanon, where personal elements and references to the national socio-political situation are mixed. Two works will accompany and animate the narrative.

    7:25 pm – NOÉ LELEU : The carding machine, an object now considered obsolete, almost outside the contemporary “real”, constitutes the heart of the installation Der Wollwolf. This machine, until now crystallized in its sculptural immobility, will find its original function through its activation by the artist.

    7:55 pm – RAPHAEL MASSART : The artist, whose versatile practice includes installation, sculpture, photography and music, presents a character that has already appeared several times in his performances : a musician whose face is completely covered by a long wig. The character will play several songs.

    8:15 pm – Discussion time with the artists, animated by the collective à autre voix.

    8:45pm – FILIP PIETUCH : Between a cabinet of curiosities and a disproportionate mystery box, the Credence hides several objects that carry stories. Its doors, normally half-closed, will be opened exceptionally by the artist, who will present its contents : clocks, suitcases, net bags and ceramics, among others. These are everyday objects diverted or questioned, where the evocation of certain non-standard measures meet the personal stories of the artist.

    9:15pm – MAXIME BAGNI : The installation Their Broom, will be activated and set against readings of excerpts from the collection Les Nouvelles Pierres by the artist Pauline-Rose Dumas.

    9:40 pm – MAYA KAFIAN : The artist will walk through the space of her installation The wind companions to reiterate and amplify the system of superimposed projections that characterizes her work.

    This event is part of two tours designed respectively by TRAM and the contemporary art center of Malakoff on the occasion of Nuit Blanche : the TaxiTram Ouest Tour and a sound walk proposed by the Centre d’art contemporain de Malakoff.


    This event is hosted by the Centre d’Art Contemporain Chanot, a facility of the city of Clamart. It benefits from the partnership of Nuit Blanche Paris and the Metropole du Grand Paris.

    * Saturday, October 1, 2022, before Nuit Blanche, the doors of the CACC remain open to visitors from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Open to all. Free admission.

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    Collective in another voice

    Collective à autre voix


    Maxime Bagni, Maya Kafian, Noé Leleu, Raphaël Massart, Filip Pietuch, Christophe Tabet


    Visit and workshop for children
    Collective à autre voix

    Maxime Bagni (b. 1997) is a visual artist studying at Ensad in the Art-Space sector. He conceives installation as the setting up of a foundation whose appearance comes into contact with the anodyne in the search for a displacement. His works enter in resonance with contexts related to the sites of exhibition. The search for form intervenes in the choice of exhibiting in atypical formats and places : Boîte n°31, a bookshop gallery, Quai de Conti, Paris ; the French Pavilion of the Suncheon Bay Garden, Suncheon, South Korea ; the Chapelle du Saint-Esprit, a secular historical monument, Auray, Morbihan ; Atelierhaus, Prenzlauer Promenade, a series of buildings used for administrative functions during the cold war, Berlin, etc.


    Maya Kafian (b. 1999) is a visual artist. She graduated from the ENSBA and the EnsAD, and will take her DNSAP at the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2021. As a student in the studio of Dominique Figarella and Julien Prévieux, she works on video and sculpture, which are combined in installation and performance.


    Noé Leleu (b. 1997) lives and works between Paris and Leipzig. Transnational Farmgirl, Noé is a young artist active in the fields of performance, fiber arts, photography and sculpture. Student artist at EnsAD in the Art-Space sector.


    Raphaël Massart (b. 1997) lives and works in Paris. He graduated with a double Bachelor’s degree in Sciences and Arts from the University of Paris 6 UPMC and Sorbonne University. He entered the École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle in 2018 and the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2020, in the studio of Dominique Figarella.


    Filip Pietuch (b. 1997, Krakow) lives and works in Paris. Artist trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, then at EnsAD in the Art-Space sector since 2018.


    Christophe Tabet (b. 1995) grew up between France and Lebanon. In 2017, he joined EnsAD in the Art-Space sector from which he graduated in 2022. Since 2020, he has focused his work on the modern history of Lebanon.