Objective : Society

    • 📅14.11.2020

    The lockdown forced the closure of the CACC’s doors before Edgar Sarin’s objective : society exhibition could be viewed by the public. However, Edgar Sarin was able to continue his residency under these exceptional circumstances. objective : society thus spent some time “under the bell jar”.

    The process at work, the little society that is objective : society continued to evolve and expand, leaving new traces every day, which visitors will be able to discover through the summer. This prolonged gestation period, if spontaneous, nonetheless arose from the logic underlying the artist’s residency and exhibition.

    Since last September, the CACC has been the production site of a micro-society whose activity can only be perceived by the traces it leaves in the form of an ongoing accumulation of clay sculptures. The choirs—as the various groups that make up this micro-society are called –are never visible to the public. It is only by revisiting the site, exploring the exhibition in its entirety, that one can observe the evolution of these active vestiges. The viewer is thus invited to leave the position of a passive observer and to project himself into the mind of an archaeologist or to join the circle of the choirs. During his year-long residency at the CACC, the artist encourages different groups (art school students, individual and school audiences, the art center’s staff, etc.) to join this small society and to contribute to the construction and development of the exhibition. Each chorus is thus invited to contribute to the project and to bring the site to life by becoming involved in an allegorical and practical factory of earthen amphorae, including the architecture dedicated to their firing and storage. These will in some cases be adorned with former works by the artist, which will in turn be read in a new light.

    objective : society is part of a long-term research that Edgar Sarin has devoted to the exhibition as an active space. This questioning takes the form of ambitious exhibition and publication projects, as well as the creation of research groups. objective : society is an evolving exhibition, which integrates the before and after with the visible counterpart. The artist takes advantage of this extended temporality to show what cannot be perceived at once.

    Edgar Sarin’s residency benefits from the financial support of the Île-de-France Region. The Chanot Contemporary Art Center is a facility of the city of Clamart. The CACC is a member of TRAM, the Paris/Île-de-France contemporary art network, and receives financial support from the Hauts-de-Seine Department and the Île-de-France Regional Department of Cultural Affairs.


    Madeleine Mathé and Guilhem Monceaux

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    Edgar Sarin

    Edgar Sarin & La Méditerranée

    Edgar Sarin, Ulysse Geissler
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    Edgar Sarin


    Les Arcades
    Biography of Edgar Sarin

    Born in 1989 in Marseille, Edgar Sarin lives and works in Paris. His work bears witness to the formal search for a political and environmental harmony, of which Man is the catalyst. Edgar Sarin has been noticed for his work on generative ruin and for his questioning of the exhibition space. He poses the principle of considering the spectator from the moment when he stops being one ; he is in line with a Mediterranean conception of the work of art. His work is thus developed through porosity with the environment. He defends an approach that favours learning about the world and the material – a reasoned form of the creative gesture – which he develops in a plural and precise sculptural corpus.

    In 2016, Edgar Sarin was awarded the Emerige Revelations Prize, an event for which the Michel Rein Gallery, which represents him, was a partner. Edgar Sarin’s work has been exhibited at the Collège des Bernardins (Paris), Centre de Création Contemporaine Olivier Debré (CCCOD), as part of the Nuit Blanche 2018 and at Konrad Fischer Galerie (Berlin). Edgar Sarin is also the founder of the research group La Méditerranée with which he organises group exhibitions in Paris. With the painter Mateo Revillo, he is undertaking a series of publications, the first volume of which will be Un titanic, published by Editions Dilecta.