Côme de Bouchony

    • 📅01.01.2013

    In 2013, the graphic designer Côme de Bouchony was invited to devise the graphic identity of the art centre : the brochure for the year, 4 invitation cards, 4 posters, 1 logo, and advertising inserts.

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    Since 2013

    After studying at the École supérieure d’Arts graphiques Penninghen (Paris) and the Willem de Kooning Academie (Rotterdam), Côme de Bouchony founded his artistic direction and graphic design studio in 2007. Specialising in print design for cultural and artistic media organisations, he has worked for Conde Nast, Onestar Press, Mental Groove Records, Kemistry Gallery, New York Times magazine, and even Arte. His work has been covered in numerous publications (Gestalten, Etapes, Taschen, HarperCollins…) and is present in the FMRA du CNEAI collection as well as the permanent poster collection of the Centre du graphisme de Chaumont. 

    He also manages the graphic identity of the Comptoir général, a bar and cultural space dedicated to marginal cultures in Paris. 

    In 2012, with Vincent de Höym, he created the journal Figure, a biannual publication featuring portraits of major figures and anonymous subjects, devoted to all cultural fields : art, design, music, architecture, nature, photography, media, gastronomy, and style, among others.