• 📅16.11.2019
    • 🕜16h00

    A gathering in the heart of the exhibition “Neither in the Robins nor in the Bisons”. For this event, the exhibition is set in motion by Eva Taulois and her guests : Dominique Gilliot performs three songs accompanied by Pierre Lucas. The works in the exhibition are set in motion by Eva Taulois and Sarah Le Treut.

    Launching a new phase in her work process, Eva Taulois orchestrates a vast project, inviting several people to join her. The prop maker Maïna Loaec, the musician Pierre Lucas, the photographer Margot Montigny, the make-up artist Bénédicte Trouvé accompanied by her assistant Sarah Le Treut as well as the performer Dominique Gilliot all took part in the creation of the exhibition during a summer residency at the art center, which unfolded in the exhibition space on the occasion of this gathering. A reflection of these experimental moments, “Neither in the Robins nor in the Bisons” allows different mediums to meet and work as a whole.

    Consider the exploration prior to the exhibition : the artist stages her works which come to life according to different scenarios. The objects move with agility, observe each other, and interact until they take on a human form : the benches have eyes, the sculptures are faces, and the umbrellas dance, folding or unfolding. At the heart of this choreographical writing, the human presence is evanescent ; it holds the sculptures in motion and provides the base for the pictorial touch that spreads over the skin.

    Creating a tension between the artwork and its place, we fall here in the “art of space and movement”, which is how Oskar Schlemmer described his theatrical and choreographic pieces. Margot Montigny’s photographs put in abyme the set we are walking through, revealing the various suspended times experienced by the sculptures. Pierre Lucas’s soundtracks, derived from material captured during the residency, irrigate the listening stations.


    Sarah Le Treut, Dominique Gilliot and Pierre Lucas


    Madeleine Mathé

    Neither in the Robins nor in the Bisons

    Eva Taulois

    Dominique Gilliot was born in 1975. She lives and works in Paris and Brussels. Halfway between stand-up, performance, theater, and television show, Dominique Gilliot deconstructs the codes of contemporary art. A graduate of the Beaux-Arts de Paris-Cergy in 2005 and a post-graduate of the Beaux-Arts de Lyon in 2007, Dominique Gilliot has completed residencies at Triangle in Marseille in 2009, and in Basel, Switzerland in 2010. She has exhibited and performed at the Friche de la Belle de Mai in Marseille, Bétonsalon in Paris, Mains d’Œuvre in Saint-Ouen, La Box in Bourges, and Le Quartier in Quimper. Dominique Gilliot was recently the master of ceremonies for DIFFRACTED SPACES at La Station.


    Sarah Le Treut is a young artist who graduated in 2019 from ESADMM in Marseille and regularly collaborates with Eva Taulois on her exhibition projects. They met in 2017 during a mural painting workshop by Eva Taulois within the platform “Nos désirs d’extérieurs et autres choses publics” led by Bruno Peinado, Virginie Barré, and Antoine Dorotte at the EESAB site in Quimper. In 2017, she participated in the editing and production of the exhibition “The Fun Never Sets” at the Centre d’art des Capucins in Embrun and the 2018 exhibition “She Speaks with Accents” at the Frac Pays de la Loire in Carquefou. In parallel, she develops a pictorial practice and personal research.


    Pierre Lucas has been a professional musician for fifteen years in various pop, urban and electronic bands. He has played in numerous venues and festivals in France and abroad, either as a member of the group Fortune, a DJ with Abstrackt Keal Agram, or a musician with Perez and the rapper Arm… In parallel to this activity, he collaborates with visual artists such as Bruno Peinado, Eva Taulois, It’s Our Playground, BenoîtMarie Moriceau, and Yoan Sorin. In 2015, he composed the music for the second part of Hoël Duret’s film : “La vie héroïque de B.S.” and in 2016, Virginie Barré invited him to compose the music for “Geometrical Dream”.