The Bamboche is Over !

    • 📅02.04.2022
    • 🕜14h00 - 20h00

    In the context of Tony Regazzoni’s solo exhibition On achève bien les discos.

    La bamboche, c’est terminé ! is a conference dedicated to festive practices in peripheral and rural areas. The desertion and closure of discotheques, the dematerialization of dance floors, the withdrawal into the domestic sphere, the political future of these dedicated spaces : is the party really over ? Throughout the afternoon, meetings and discussions will take stock of the state of the party, from the countryside to the outskirts of large urban centers, from its social dimension to an anthropological vision, including the perspective of the future Roaring Twenties. These discussions will be moderated by Arnaud Idelon with the assistance of Aurélie Faure.


    Videos produced with the support of the Drac Île-de-France via the Fonds d’aide à la captation.


    Emmanuelle Lallemand, Benoît Coquard, Cuco, Eva Peel, Jean-Michel Destang, Julie Hascoët, Jérémie Peltier, Hawa Sarita.

    👍Moderated by

    Arnaud Idelon with the assistance of Aurélie Faure and Tony Regazzoni

    Guest curator

    Aurélie Faure


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    We Finish off Discos

    Tony Regazzoni

    The ghost of the disco

    Tony Regazzoni


    Dance Marathon
    Tony Regazzoni

    Emmanuelle Lallement is an anthropologist, University Professor at the Institut d’Études Européennes de Paris VIII and Chief Curator of the French Cultural Heritage. Her fields of research include anthropology of the contemporary, including contemporary festive phenomena. She edited the book Éclats de fête (Socio-anthropologie nº38, 2018) published by the Sorbonne.


    Benoît Coquard is a sociologist at INRAE, working on the lifestyles of the working classes in the declining countryside. He is the author of Ceux qui restent. Faire sa vie dans les campagnes en déclin (2019).


    Cuco is a genderf***** transbird hacker, queer activist and performer born in Mexico City in 2011.


    Eva Peel, an ex-journalist, became a DJ and singer in the late 90s. She is first and foremost a musical explorer with great selections. In 2013, she created the Deviant Disco collective to surround herself with artists who share the same musical aesthetic.


    Jean-Michel Destang is a director, television reporter, and instructor in the media industry (France Télévisions-CFPJ Paris University). He directed the documentary film Un samedi soir en province (1995).


    Julie Hascoët has a multifaceted body of work that embraces the fields of photography, publishing, installation and curatorial practices. A graduate of the ENSP in Arles, her work focuses on isolated territories, the spaces that attempt to slip off the map, mixing a poetic approach to landscape with a human and political dimension.


    Jérémie Peltier is the Director of Studies at the Fondation Jean-Jaurès and director of the collection at Éditions de l’Aube. In October 2021, he published La fête est finie ? at Éditions de l’Observatoire.


    Arnaud Idelon is an author, critic, curator and programmer. A night owl, lover of nights with no dawn, he probes the forces of the party which become fragments, sound poems, radio creations and performances. He is the author of fictions and essays (Politiques du Dancefloor, 2018).

    HAWA SARITA (Sarah Gamrani) is a DJ, singer (in the duo Baraka), poet and activist author. She explores the links between spaces, festive practices and feminist theories. Beyond the Club (2021) is a collaborative research project that imagines the parties of tomorrow : safer, more inclusive and more feminist.