• 📅11.05.2017

    As part of an off-site project sponsored by the Chanot Contemporary Art Center and the Cultural Affairs Delegation of the City of Clamart, the Clamartois photographer Eric Sempé has been invited to present his interpretation of the city in the exhibition Ubiquity. With his deconstructed gaze taking in various architectural structures, the photographer seeks to apprehend in one place the multiple expressions of urban change in the geography of our everyday lives.

    Maternity ward, residence, secondary school, town hall, church, retirement home : the itinerary of a life whose roads and places we will never cross twice.

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    Éric Sempé



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    Cécile & Guillaume
    Biography of Éric Sempé

    Éric Sempé worked for several years as an editor in press agencies (Sipa and Sygma) before taking his place behind the camera lens in 2004. After focusing on the Left Bank area of Paris, a neighbourhood caught between multiple temporalities, his photography has since shifted to urban landscapes.

    “I play on the ambiguous dimension of photography, its platitude that allows me to muddle scale and juxtapose certain elements. In this way I tell a small part of this city’s story, its warps and wefts, its superimposed strata. I like the idea of being a kind of surveyor.”