Slow Motion Event

    • 📅05.07.2022
    • 🕜18h30 - 22h30

    To close the Slow Motion residency program and the 2021–2022 season of the CACC, the art center invites you to meet the resident artists for an evening around the restitution of their research conducted in recent months. This Slow Motion evening will end with a convivial time around a barbecue.

    Program of the evening 

    6:30 pm : Beginning of the reception of the visitors

    7:00 pm : Opening remarks by Madeleine Mathé, director of the CACC

    7:15 pm : Presentation of his first monograph Fils 2 Cultes by Tony Regazzoni with the graphic designer Hélène Alix Mourrier 

    7:45 pm : Screening of the preparatory film Notes pour les Sanglières and discussion with Elsa Brès and Elise Florenty

    8:20pm : Auriane Preud’homme, Roxanne Maillet & Camille Videcoq present the journal Phylactère nᵒ2 : Oh là là ! and invite Benoît Le Boulicaut, contributor of the journal, to present a performance.

    9:00 pm : Barbecue. 


    Tony Regazzoni, Aurélie Faure and Hélène Alix Mourrier ; Elsa Brès and Élise Florenty ; Auriane Preud’homme, Roxanne Maillet, Camille Videcoq and Benoît Le Boulicaut

    Slow Motion

    Research Program


    Cécile Serres, Considered to be allies


    Tony Regazzoni and Aurélie Faure

    Tony Regazzoni Aurélie Faure

    Tony Regazzoni

    Discussion between Elsa Brès, Elise Florenty and Madeleine Mathé about the film Les Sanglières by Elsa Brès

    Elsa Brès
    Elise Florenty
    Launch of the monograph Fils 2 Cultes

    Fils 2 Cultes is the first monographic work dedicated to the work of Tony Regazzoni. The set is composed of 3 distinct volumes, which approach the artist’s work in different and complementary ways. Each work refers to a publication model : the people magazine, the fanzine and the “fine books” catalog, printed and shaped according to the processes that characterize them.

    The ensemble was conceived with the artist and graphic designer Hélène Alix Mourrier, with the support of the Adagp “Monograph Collection” grant, the Centre d’art Contemporain Chanot and the CAC Brétigny, and published by the Galerie Éric Mouchet.

    The CACC accompanied Tony Regazzoni in the Slow Motion residency “Le Fantôme de la discothèque”, conducted with the exhibition curator Aurélie Faure. This long term research led to the artist’s solo exhibition at the CACC “On achève bien les discos”. July 5 is the occasion to launch the first monograph of Tony Regazzoni, in the presence of the artist and graphic designer Alix Mourrier and the Galerie Éric Mouchet.

    Screening of the preparatory film Notes pour les Sanglières and discussion

    Through a revolutionary reactivation of the past, situated at the origin of capitalism, at the time of the privatization of the use of the land, the film project of Elsa Brès proposes us to become allies of the Sanglières as an affective power of mobilization and action. Unruly figures, they resist from the humus against the drying up of life in common – yesterday, today and tomorrow, in the hollow of the Cevennes.

    On July 5, after the screening of the preparatory film Notes pour les Sanglières, they will unfold with Elise Florenty lines of cinematographic writing of these interspecific connivances. A narrative woven from the links that are invented with humans, more than humans, with the places where we live, with the History that we choose.

    Launch of the magazine Phylactère nᵒ2 Oh là là ! and performance by Benoît Le Boulicaut

    The journal Phylactère created by Auriane Preud’homme and Roxanne Maillet, co-edited by Camille Videcoq (Immixtion Books), finds its origin in the desire to transcribe performances through multiple, subjective and spontaneous visions that the contributors propose, by giving voice to amateus, artists, designers and thinkers. The journal welcomes all forms of possible and unexpected readings of the performative act, extending the before and after performance into a published format. The support of the Centre d’art contemporain Chanot (as part of the Slow Motion residency) has enabled the development of Phylactère nᵒ2’s entire editorial line and the organization of two events.

    On July 5, Benoît Le Boulicaut, contributor to the journal, will present the performance The Difference Between Fags and Teapots. 

    With contributions from Anne Lise Le Gac, Benoît Le Boulicaut, Cecil Serres, Claudia Pagès, Considered to be Allies (Margaux Parillaud & Mie Frederikke Fischer Christensen), Ghita Skali, Giuliana Zefferi, Lauren Tortil, Loreto Martínez Troncoso, Louise Hervé & Clovis Maillet, Mona Gérardin-Laverge, Nygel Panasco, pauline l boulba, Sarah Browne, Susie Green, Tahnee, The other and Tiziana La Melia. Lettering by Marie-Mam Sai Bellier.