The folding men

    • 📅10.12.2020

    In 2021, the CACC follows the work undertaken by Randa Maroufi during her creative residency : the production of a new artwork. In this video, coproduced with the CACC, Randa Maroufi frames two men attempting, through delicate, fragile movements, to fold a piece of blue fabric. The unexpected resistance of the sheet betrays the difficulty of a seemingly simple action. And so we witness the progression of a tender and sometimes humorous choreography, struggling with the material reality of the folds, slack, and tension of the fabric in a portrait of the folding ritual. It is as though we are reconsidering a kind of official movement in order to accentuate the humanity that undergirds it.

    The Seizure, summer 2021 – Co-production CACC 

    Randa Maroufi quickly knew that she wished to reactivate the objects and accessories owned by her father, a customs agent, by inventorying them and displaying them on a flat surface. This presentation format was the fruit of a long consideration that eventually took the form of an illuminated table evoking those used in archival work. The object are presented as “conviction pieces” of a person normally in charge of seizing contraband : an inversion of the seizure act and of the question of control and inspection. Inside the exposition, a discourse is articulated between this supplementary piece and the video The Folding Men, which mirror one another and are linked by the moving image of blue fabric present in both pieces.
    In December 2021, Randa Maroufi (accompanied by a seven-person production team), shot the short film The Folding Men inside the Henri Dutilleux conservatory. The conservatory team, as well as the Jean Arp theatre team, assisted us with technical concerns.

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