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    In honour of her first personal exhibition, Violaine Lochu, laureate of the 2018 AWARE prize for female artists under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture, gathers hitherto unseen works and environments specifically created for the space, as well as scores, booklets, and videos associated with her performances. She invites the artist Guillaume Constantin to accompany her in the spatial production of these projects and surrounds herself with musicians and theorists for a programme of performances.

    Violaine Lochu is an artist of voice, language, and action : her artistic practice focusses on the exploration of vocal timbre, which she transcends, twists, calques, and shares in her personal and collaborative projects. Turning to multiple borrowed identities, her experimentations explore popular territories and bear witness to a profound curiosity for the other : its narratives, its knowledge, it relationship to the world—whether this other is human or not. Her vocal explorations also prompt her to sound the internal states of the body and of consciousness by way of transcendental, shamanic, and divinatory experiments. 

    In Clamart, the artist invites the visitor on a grand internal voyage. The exhibition gives form to the investigations that Violaine Lochu undertakes on hypnagogia (the state of semi-consciousness that precedes sleep) and transforms the space into an immersive and sonic display that pulls the visitor into the murkiness of the waking dream. Driven by questions of perspectivism that invite participants to assume the point of view of the other, the artist also provides a previously unseen video, produced in Lapland, in which the landscape is apprehended via perceptions of the mineral, vegetal, and animal.


    The Violaine Lochu exhibition follows the artist’s residence at the art school Les Arcades – Issy-les-Moulineaux for the academic year 2016–2017. Violaine Lochu’s explorations in Lapland were made possible through the support of the CNAP – Centre national des arts plastiques. 


    Guillaume Constantin, Baptiste Joxe, Anne-Laure Chamboissier, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Christophe Hamery, Pierrick Hardy

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    Violaine Lochu


    Violaine Lochu


    Violaine Lochu

    Discussion between Madeleine Mathé et Violaine Lochu



    Violaine Lochu
    Collaboration Violaine Lochu and Guillaume Constantin

    Laying bare words and actions is a challenge taken up by the CACC and Violaine Lochu, who collaborates with the artist Guillaume Constantin for this exhibition in the goal of intervening in space, invading and inhabiting it. Violaine Lochu and Guillaume Constantin already experienced the staging of the voice and word together, during Violaine Lochu’s residence at the Synagogue de Delme in 2017, which culminated in her imagining the Vocal Abecedarium. Guillaume Constantin had created apparatuses allowing for the playback of these sound pieces. At the CACC, Guillaume Constantin creates furnishings specifically for the presentation of Violaine Lochu’s drawings and booklets. Both artists joined forces for the creation of the piece Hynorama, specifically designed for the exhibition. G. Constantin thus accompanies V. Lochu’s sonic creation with an immersive display that takes up the entirety of one of the exhibition spaces.

    Biography of Violaine Lochu

    Born in 1987, Violaine Lochu lives and works in Paris. Laureate of the AWARE Prize (Archives of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions), she performed at the Centre Pompidou (festival Extra 2018), the Palais de Tokyo (Liberated Voice, Sound Poetry, 2019), during the Parade for FIAC 2017, in the Jeu de Paume in Paris, the Contemporary Art Center of Geneva in Switzerland, the Gallery Kunsterein of Munich in Germany, the Gallery GAMU in Prague in the Czech Republic, in the Theatre le 4e art of Tunis in Tunisia (festival La voix est libre, 2015)… She made part of the collective exhibitions in the MAC Lyon (StoryTelling, 2019), the Ferenczi museumi centrum in Hungary (Reconstructing Eden, 2018), in the Art Center Le Centre at Cotonou in Benin (Regards sur la performance, 2018), the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery at Toronto in Canada (Something more than a succesion of notes, 2013). She had solo shows in the Chanot Contemporary Art Center and the Gallery Dohyang Lee in Paris. She held several residencies in France (the Villa Vassilieff, the Leclerc Foundation, the MAC VAL – Museum of Contemporary Art of Val de Marne…) and in Europe (the Riclundgarden Museum in Sweden, in the Lettrétage at Berlin, the Cultural Center in Karlsruhe in Germany…). She worked with many musician, poets, and dancers (Joëlle Léandre, Tomomi Adachi, Serge Teyssot-Gay, Maki Watanabe, Julien Desprez, Lotus Edde Khouri…).

    Biography of Guillaume Constantin

    Guillaume Constantin was born in 1974 ; he lives and works in Paris where he is represented by the Bertrand Grimont gallery. Graduate of the ENSBA, his artistic practice calls forth sculpture in all its aspects : materials, staging, gestures, displays, in his personal and collaborative projects. By interrogating the relationship to the work or to the object, its collection and its modes of display, he puts into tension conservation and disappearance, visibility and absence. Scheduler of visual arts at the Instants Chavirés in Montreuil, he also leads projects as exhibition curator.


    Baptiste Joxe is general manager and lighting designer at the Générateur (Gentilly). He collaborates with Violaine Lochu and Guillaume Constantin on the lighting design of the installation Hypnorama. Since 2012 he is general manager and light designer for the Sonic Protest Festival. And since 2011 he is the general manager of Babbel Production for the RendezVous Contemporains and the CRACK-Musiques Affranchies festival. From 2013 to 2016 he participated in the programming of the SOUFFLE collective’s activities at the Saint-Merri Church (Paris).

    Biography of Christophe Hamery

    Christophe Hamery is a freelance graphic designer, he lives and works in Montreuil. His practice, structured around typography, is mainly turned towards the cultural field (contemporary art, music, live performance, architecture…). It is also nourished by a personal research around the drawing. He has been collaborating with Violaine Lochu for 5 years, several of the editions realized together are present in the exhibition space (Mémoire Palace, Animal Mimesis, Superformer(s), Johtolat…).