Fanette Mellier

    • 📅01.01.2014

    The structure of the art centre building serves as the basis of Fanette Mellier’s graphic design concept. Its house-like design (also appearing in the logotype) has been redesigned in synthetic fashion in the aim of acting as a uniting symbol between all communication documents : calendar-brochure, invitations, and posters. Thus, this year, the art centre itself is accentuated, made clearly identifiable as a place of creation through the recurrence of symbols. In the calendar-brochure, the symbol is constructed then deconstructed. The calendar unfolds synthetically in cardstock flaps, and the inside pages offer an image of the centre’s programme in blue-on-blue. 

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    Fanette Mellier

    Fanette Mellier at the petite bibliothèque ronde

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    Graphic residency

    A specialist in printed graphic design, Fanette Mellier responds to often atypical requests in the cultural domain, and is involved in experimental projects through artist residencies, carte blanche undertakings, and exhibitions. She was a design resident in the Académie de France à Rome – Villa Médicis, in 2012. The first collaboration began in Clamart in 2013 when the art centre and the Petite bibliothèque ronde submitted an exhibition proposal.